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Twisted L Performance Horses

Richfield, NC

What do our customers have to say?

"I started my horse search in July of 2013 and was introduced to Jessie Godwin. It was at her farm that I met Penny, a horse in training to be sold. I couldn't be happier with my purchase of Penny! Jessie sells honest, quality horses. Penny is fun in the saddle, safe for children, has no spook, and has impeccable ground manners! All in all I am extremely pleased and will be returning to Jessie when I am ready to buy my husband's horse. Thank you Jessie and Dustin for helping me find my "forever" horse!"

-Michelle Pollman (Harrisburg,, NC)

"Jessie & Dustin are the best at what they do. Taking every opportunity to teach horsemanship beyond just the fun part, life skills your child will carry with them always and an overall wonderful experience. They have truly left an imprint on our family!!"

-Kelly Dombrowski (Norwood, NC)

" In 2014 I had a 4 year old filly Maggie, that needed to be started under saddle. She had been born on our farm, and I had started her with natural horsemanship ground work. It was very important to me that who ever I had start her, was gentle, consistent and honest. Jessie has done a fantastic job with Maggie, and from time to time, comes back to my farm for a check-in. I highly recommend both Jessie and Dustin when choosing a trainer. They are very knowledgeable, honest, fun and grounded trainers that also keep an immaculate and safe facility! "    

- Jeannine Miller (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

" I can't say enough good things about sending my young firecracker to you. You are not just a good trainer but also a good communicator with the owners. I felt from day one my horse was in the most capable, compassionate hands. After only 30 days I got a disciplined young lady that retained everything she was taught! I am beyond pleased with the results! "

- Miranda Holshouser (Rockwell, NC)

" I would recommend the training team of Jessie Godwin and Dustin Lunsford for any type of horse. I say that because on a personal level they helped me with a rank rescue horse and did a wonderful job in a situation that could not be rushed. I have recommended others to them for starting their young horses because I have seen first hand the patience and time they put in. It is a foundation that cannot be replaced. I have also purchased a horse (A Drawlin baby) from this team because of their honesty and sincere concern for developing a good horse/rider match. I have been in the horse world for 40 years as an equine artist, trainer, and have children who share my passion. From my experiences I can't think of anyone I would trust more. "

-Leslie Hudson Tolles

(Cleveland, NC)

"Twisted L Performance Horse's was a wonderful experience. It's been 11 years since I'd been horseback riding. Jessie and Dustin were very helpful and welcomed me with open arm's. They are top notch friendly professionals."

-Wendy Marie Andrews 

" I have been riding with Jessie Godwin for about three years now, out of my five years of riding total. When I first came to her, I was deathly scared to even pick up a horses feet or canter in a round ring. Now, however, I can do many things with horses including getting involved in 4-H, riding in fun shows, and getting to ride a variety of horses. Without Jessie and her devotion to helping me, I would not be as confident on horses and I would not be where I am today in my riding. " 

-Ally Ward (New London, NC)

" Jessie, I wish you could have been with us yesterday on the trail ride to see Holly! She did such a good job!!! She was quite inquisitive about farm equipment, mail boxes, ducks, and other inanimate objects along the way, but she didn't spook! All she wanted to do was check it out and sniff it. LOL!!!! It took about 20 minutes of coaching, reassurance, and patience for her to cross a small creek, but she DID IT!!! Holly makes me such a proud Momma, and I love that little girl! ♡ Thank You again so very much! I had absolutely NO DOUBT in your training abilities, and HIGHLY RECOMMEND You, Dustin Lunsford and Twisted L Performance Horses for ANY and ALL horse training needs. I am 100% satisfied! :) "

-Kim Stevens Waller (Concord, NC)

" I have been very impressed with Twisted L Performance Horses. I can't say enough positive things about the training my horses have received. I have taken two horses and a pony for training and been very pleased. Jessie Godwin and Dustin Lunsford are very knowledgeable, skilled, honest, and patient trainers. You don't have to worry about them not putting the time into your horse nor the care they receive while being boarded there. They start horses, restart horses, and fix issues. They want to be sure that you are comfortable with your horse before you take him home. I have been by their farm at various times and have always been pleased with their openness. They regularly share with you how your horse is progressing. I have had the opportunity to see lessons taught for children and adults. I highly recommend Twisted L Performance Horses for their training and lesson program." 

- Michelle Vickers (Locust, NC)

" I just want to give a shout out to Jessie Godwin and Dustin Lunsford of Twisted L Performance Horses in Richfield. If anyone is looking for top of the line boarding please give them a call! They literally care for your horse like one of their own. My high maintenance grey Arab decided he wanted to choke again today. With great observation, Jessie quickly called me and informed me of what was going on. Since I work 24 hour shifts I was unable to be there. They were there to keep a close eye on him until the vet got there. She then observed him throughout the day, informing me of any changes. Each of them ensures that my gelding gets his science lab full of medications at various times throughout the day. Let me remind you that this is not his first stunt, he is very high maintenance!! And each and every time Jessie and Dustin take amazing care of him, and I am never worried about his well being. I have known Jessie for many years, she is an incredible horse woman! Training, boarding, breeding, lessons, you name it...give them a call!!!! "

- Ashley Armstrong (Locust, NC)

"I have nothing but good to say about Dustin and Jessie. I purchased my mare a year ago from another seller with all intentions of keeping her forever and within six months in, was teetering on the idea of sending her to a trainer and then weighing my options on whether I should stick with it all together. After months of thinking about it, I was recommend to give Dustin a call in regards to training and taking some lessons. Within a few weeks I went ahead and took her to Twisted L performance horses and knew I selected the right place. I explained my difficult areas with my mare as well as me not having the time to give her with me being a full time working mother of two young kids under the age of 3. I explained to them that I purchased her with the intentions of keeping her forever and she was an awesome people's horse, great on trails, but still a little green for me (as I am intimidated easily). Needless to say they looked at her registration and was able to tell me right away about her background and her bloodlines which was very impressive. They are very educated when it comes to every aspect of horses, riding styles, blood lines etc. I highly recommend anyone to go to Dustin and Jessie if you don't want to be handled by a trainer that is interested in nothing but horse trading, keeping you in training just to make money (there are trainers out there that does this and we all know it) and doesn't care about your needs or wants or the needs and wants of your horse. They were very detailed about what I would need to do if I kept my mare and they were very particular about who purchased my mare when they listed her for sale for me. They made it easy for me from the day I dropped her off until the day I said goodbye to her. I am very impressed by their knowledge,professionalism, caring of horses, and overall performance that my mare made in the 6 weeks she was there while I owned her. She came a long way and had many of miles put on her and I am nothing but happy with the decision I made. I look forward to working with them in the future :)"

-Rachel McLure (Mooresville, NC)

"My name is Lauren Beck. I bought Wyatt in November of 2014 when he was 6 months old from Jessie Godwin and Dustin Lunsford at Twisted L and I could not be happier! I was pretty nervous at first considering that this was the first time I have ever owned such a young horse but they talked me through everything I needed to know to be successful with my first colt. Unfortunately, Wyatt had a difficult beginning. His mother Annie (Lauros Lena) was lost to a severe uterine rupture and prolapse while giving birth. Jessie and Dustin went above and beyond to make sure Wyatt had the best chance possible to be a normal, healthy horse. Despite his rough start, he is calm, gentle and extremely respectful to me as well as anyone else he comes in contact with which is beyond what I would have ever expected from a colt. Jessie and Dustin handled him since the day he was born and taught him early on how to pick up his feet, lead, back up and move off of pressure with ease. The way they handle and train all of their colts is phenomenal and if you are looking for a colt or any other horse to purchase I HIGHLY recommend speaking to them. Not only are their colts amazing, their skillset with all disciplines and love for training horses is extremely inspirational. You will never leave Twisted L unsatisfied. I truly cannot say enough great things about Jessie and Dustin as trainers, mentors and great friends! "

- Lauren Beck (Mooresville, NC)

"They are great people and very knowledgeable about the horses they work with. I would take my children to them for lessens if I had any."

Heather Zink (Concord, NC)

"Family of four 1st timers set out to give a 14yr old girl a Birthday wish. Jessie and Dustin were AMAZING. Very patient, very thorough. So much fun! Thank you!!"

-Cassandra McFarlane

"Love the work these guys do with horses. Trust them beyond measure! They’ve worked with several of mine and I have nothing but good things to say!"

-Marci Snead (Richfield, NC)

"I started taking riding lessons from Jessie a few years ago. Although I grew up with horses in my parents' pasture, my horse experience was very limited. Jessie was very patient with my lack of experience and helped me learn the basics of horse care and riding. With each lesson, my confidence as a rider grew. After a few months of lessons and with Jessie's help and guidance, I felt ready to embark on the journey of horse ownership. Along with being a talented teacher and trainer, Jessie also has the unique ability to perfectly pair horse and rider. Shortly after I expressed my interest in finding a horse, Jessie introduced me to a sweet two year old buckskin named Oakley that was currently in training. I felt an immediate connection, but was a little reluctant of owning such a young horse. Jessie assured me that Oakley and I would be perfect match, and she was right! Working with Jessie (and Dustin!) has been an incredibly rewarding experience."

- Kourtney Leonard 

"Jessie and Dustin are down-home, no nonsense, knowledgeable and reliable. I have NEVER had any worries about safety of myself or my horse when in their capable hands. Both are very experienced horse trainers, riders, and run a high quality, low drama barn. They do private lessons, run a 4-H club, organize field trips, and help with all sorts of problems you might run into from farrier to vet to behavior (rider OR horse!!) And their new location can only make things better!"

-Wendy Tate (Midland, NC)

"We bought an amazing horse from Jessie & Dustin at Twisted L. This horse is everything that was promised he would be and more. I can't thank you two enough for helping to make a 12 year old little girl's dream come true. She has finally found her forever best friend. I never thought that there was any such thing as a perfect horse until I met Hawk. He looks after Rain and I trust him fully. This horse hasn't got a price tag. He's beyond awesome and there aren't enough good things I could ever say about him"

- Alease Wilson (Norwood, NC)

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