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Twisted L Performance Horses

Richfield, NC

The Twisted L Mission...

At Twisted L, our primary goal is to change people's lives. We want to offer opportunities for children and adults alike to learn the true art of horsemanship and to have access to these wonderful animals in a way they never have before. We want to open your eyes to the endless possibilities you can take your relationship with a horse. We believe in strong foundations in our horses, our personal horsemanship, our training program, and our relationships with our clients, students, and friends. Anyone who does business with us becomes part of our family and we hope once you come, you will be here to stay. While myself and Dustin both come from very different backgrounds in the horse world, we both have worked hard for what we have and want to instill that drive and work ethic into the people and youth who ride with us. Teaching children, while always being part of our program, has quickly become what we believe is our purpose in life. After all, our children are our future, so if we can impact any child that comes through these old barn doors in a positive way that will follow them through life, that is our goal. We want everyone in our program young or old, to realize that the journey of bettering your horsemanship requires effort. If you want something in life you have to be ready to make that commitment. We have seen first hand horses change lives, time and time again. They are truly a blessing from God and we are here to share that blessing with as many people as we can with our time on this earth. Not only do we feel we have a responsibility to the human, but to the horse. For this reason we have tailored a horsemanship program to teach the person to help the other words, confident/knowledgeable human = happy/confident horse. We try to offer everyone an opportunity to learn these skills through private lessons, clinics, camps, etc. and many other ways to help you get your foot in the door. We welcome beginners or those with confidence issues with open arms.  

Another passion of ours is producing a few quality, good minded horses each year and making them available to the public through our breeding and consignment program. We feel genetics, training, and consistency make good horses and whether it is a foal we have raised out of our personal horses or we run across a "unicorn" looking for it's next person, we love to pair them with deserving owners who have a true appreciation for a solid, trusty equine partner. If you are horse shopping, please let us know and we would love to help you on your journey.

- Dustin & Jessie