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Twisted L Performance Horses

Richfield, NC

Horsemanship Lessons

Our teaching philosophy...

At Twisted L, our horsemanship program and teaching style goes well beyond learning how to sit on a horse. We believe that 90% of a person's success rate with a horse or riding comes from them mastering the art of feel and timing in sync with the horse. Knowing how to be a good listener and allowing yourself to open up to the way a horse thinks and reacts. This in turn makes you a good leader, which makes the horse a willing partner, and as a result, makes riding an easy art once you understand the mechanics. So many bad experiences for the horse and rider could be prevented if these things were taken into consideration, it is never too late to start the right way. Our program is tailored to your needs on one of our horses or your own. All ages from 4 years and up can not only become better horseman better people because of the skills you learn and develop. Horses are mirrors to your souls. We will meet you where you are and help you make a plan for your horsemanship journey. Your horse and any horse you ever come into contact with will thank you for it. Let us help you get there and reach your goals!

Lesson Topics:

-Basic Horsemanship & Safety-

-Ground Work and Horse Psychology-

-Developing Feel & Mental Clarity (On & Off the horse)-

-Coping with fear and building confidence-


-Strength and Balance Work-

-Advanced Riding (body control, manuevers and collection)-

-Problem Solving-

-Colt Starting-

-Trail Safety-

-Overcoming Obstacles-

and MORE!


Due to the large volume of students enrolled in our program, please have in mind your availability when contacting us to set up lessons, we are at this time only offering ON-SITE lessons at our farm. You are welcome to haul in but if you need us to come to you, we require a minimum of 4 hours (which can be split between yourself and a group or several individuals at the same location), to travel to you at a rate of $50/hour plus a travel fee of $1/mile.

On-Site Lesson Pricing:

***Ages 4 & Up***

Single One-Hour Private Lesson

- $50 -

Package of 4 One-Hour Lessons

- $160 -

Single One-Hour Group Lesson (2-4 students)

- $35/person-

Package of 4 Group Lessons

(2-4 students)

- $120 -


***PayPal Accepted***