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Twisted L Performance Horses

Richfield, NC



We are very excited to offer this camp series to our adult students! Must be 18 or older to participate. We know many who need work on their confidence and as we all know, consistency and knowledge is the key to overcoming fear! This 5 day "camp" will test you to your limits and push you to excel at your own pace with a kind and constant push from us. We have 4 different topic-specific weeks available. These run Monday-Friday (6pm-9pm) unless otherwise specified.  Due to Covid 19 restrictions, this years adult camps will NOT include dinner, so please eat before you come. Each day will include 2 sessions (mounted and/or on the ground) with the horses and a 1-hour demonstration.

Foundation Horsemanship & Confidence Building: June 22nd-25th

(Note: this camp is only FOUR days but comes with a FREE private lesson certificate to be redeemed at a later date)

This class is for those who feel like they would like a "fresh start" with their horsemanship, maybe you have ridden as a child, but had no formal education under saddle or just feel like you could use a refresher on the basics. If being around horses makes you nervous, or in certain scenarios you feel out of control, maybe you have had a traumatic experience with a horse that has left you skittish. You also just may be new to this and simply don't know enough to be confident in your actions. This class is meant to be a foundation class with emphasis on those lacking confidence and stability on or around horses for one reason or another.  We will meet you where you are, helping you to figure out where your fear stems from and what steps you will need to take to get over that fear. 


Trail & Obstacle: June 29th-July 3rd

This class is for those ready to step up their confidence and horsemanship skills using obstacles and a trail riding environment.  We do not recommend this class if you have confidence issues at the trot and/or lope as some skills in these gaits will be required to work your horse through some obstacles outside the safety of the arena.  Exercises for body control will also accompany this class as well as approaching obstacles, dealing with a spooky or unwilling horse and trail safety.  

Maneuvers & Advanced Riding: July 6th-10th

This class is for those who don't have fear and confidence issues but want to better your more advanced skill sets within your horsemanship.  This is also a great class for those hoping to get into the show ring or tune up your horse.  This advanced week will cover body control, collection, maneuvers, bringing along green horses, and intro to bridless riding. If you have not completed a prior course or lessons with us, you may be required to send in videos of yourself riding before being accepted into the Advanced Riding course.

NOTE: For any of these camps, you may use one of our horses or board your own here for the week.  If you are ready to challenge yourself and do something for YOU this year don't hesitate. We expect these will fill up fast. Contact for information or to sign up!

*Open to only 8 Riders per week*

*Monday-Friday from 6pm-9:30pm*

*Cost is $300/person for the week ($100 deposit required)*


*2020 Youth Horsemanship Camps*

Our youth horsemanship camps have been a HUGE success year after year. So much learning and fun packed into one week, your child will be bursting with knowledge every day when they come home!  Each year we offer short 3 day winter & holiday camps, spring break camps, and a total of 4 weeks of 5 day youth summer camps which offer the most one-on-one instruction because we break them into groups by age and experience level.

PeeWee (ages 5-9)-Levels 1 & 2, Junior (ages 10-16)-Levels 1 & 2, as well as one week offered of Advanced Camp (experienced riders ages 13-18). When signing your child up please be sure they meet the criteria for the camp you have signed them up for, Level 1 camps can come with no prior horse experience, very little, or if a child has confidence issues. Level 2 camps are for children in the appropriate age group that have had at least 1 year of riding experience and are comfortable at the trot, level 2 will do some lope/canter work as well. Advanced Camps are for children over the age of 13 ready to take their horsemanship to a higher level (some younger riders with extensive skills may also be accepted into this camp upon prior approval). In Advanced Camp, we will cover body control of the horse, softness, advanced seat and leg cues as well as obstacle challenges, and colt starting concepts. All levels of our camps will have 2 riding sessions each day, participate in team building activities, crafts, games, and more! Campers will need to bring a sack lunch each day, the last day of each camp we invite parents to come out and watch their children perform individually and enjoy a pizza lunch.

For the best One-on-One experience we have multiple camp counselors for all of our camps and only take up to 6 participants each week. For this reason you will want to sign up early to reserve your child's spot. A $100 non-refundable camp deposit is required at the time registration forms are processed to guarantee your child's spot. This deposit will be subtracted from the camp balance on the first day of camp.

We are happy for your child to bring his or her own horse to camp for the week as long as they meet our requirements and are suitable for your child's skill level. Videos must be submitted of your child riding his/her horse for prior approval. Otherwise, we have plenty of safe camp horses on-site for your child to ride during their camp experience. 

2020 Seasonal Youth Camp Dates & Availability


All Summer Camps run Monday-Friday 9am-2pm (unless otherwise noted)

Campers must be signed up for age/experience appropriate week(s)

Summer Camps are limited to 10 campers per week

ALL Youth Summer Camps are $300/week and require a $100 Deposit to hold your child's spot.

PeeWee/Junior Level 1 Camp Week:

July 13th-17th

PeeWee Level 2 Camp Week:

July 20th-24th

Junior Level 2 Camp Weeks

July 27th-31st

Advanced Camp Week: 

                                                                                                     August 3rd-7th