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Twisted L Performance Horses

Richfield, NC

Trail Rides at Twisted L

Twisted L offers guided trail rides to the public year round on our lovely 85 acre farm. Join us on a 1-hour private or group trail ride on one of our trusted mounts and enjoy scenic views through woods, fields, and back country roads. Each guided ride comes with a 15 minute "lesson" in the arena before heading out on the trail to be sure all participants are aware of safety basics and handling of their mounts. Group or Family rides can have 3-6 people (ages 6 & up) no experience necessary. Private rides for one person or a couple are also available. Our experienced trail guides can make the ride as easy or difficult as your comfort and experience level desires. Helmets are provided for all riders under 18 and adults who choose to wear them. You will find options and prices below, please contact us to book your ride! 


Saddle up for a Private Horseback Trail Ride

Bring just yourself and/or one friend/spouse/partner/or child, and join Twisted L for a private horseback trail ride. Make memories with your significant other riding horseback through woodlands and farmlands. Show them how much you appreciate having them in your life, and how special they are with a private horseback riding tour.

Private trail rides are perfect for special or romantic occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and proposals. Our guides will saddle up a horse, take you to the arena for a short private lesson to get to know your horse then take you for a 1 hour ride around farm fields, country roads and scenic wooded trails.

Cost: $55/person for 1-hour 


Enjoy a guided horseback trail ride with the whole family or group of friends! Our guides will saddle up horses and take you for a fun and relaxing 1-hour group ride around farm fields, country roads and scenic wooded trails. No experience is required. Ride will include a 15 minute group lesson in the arena to get acquainted with your horse and explain trail safety.

Cost: $40/Person for 1-hour