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Twisted L Performance Horses

Richfield, NC


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Twisted L Update: May 25, 2020

Hi Everyone!

With our state slowly shifting through the “phases” to reach normality with Covid we are ready to start easing back into normal around here. Below you will find detailed information regarding our “re-opening” process moving forward...


We ask that you continue to use the barn time google calendar to schedule visits to prevent large numbers at the farm all at once. However, from here on out, you may schedule up to 3 people within the same hour time-frame. We will continue to post lessons scheduled as well, so please be mindful that if a private lesson is listed on the calendar, that does count as a person, so only 2 others may be here at that time. As of June 1st, we will gradually be incorporating small groups of outside lesson students back into our schedule in moderation, if you see that a Group Lesson will be in session (3 student max at this time in groups), please refrain from visiting during this time as that will fill up that time slot. Please continue to use common courtesy to sanitize frequently touched surfaces, wash/sanitize hands, and maintain social distancing as we ease back into “normal” at the farm. We so appreciate the continued cooperation and support from you guys!

Lessons (Outside Students):

As of June 1st, we will begin outside student lessons once again. However, we will at this time only be booking “Level 2” and up students in groups of up to 3 so that social distancing can still be easily maintained. A Level 2 student is one who can catch, groom, and tack their own horse without assistance and be responsible for sanitizing equipment afterwards. Level 1 students, meaning those who need assistance catching, grooming, tacking up etc. that would cause us to have close/hands on contact to assist. We will be waiting a bit longer on lessons with these students and plan to start booking these students once again following our Level 1 Youth Camp on July 13th. We will be making a list this week categorizing students we already had in our program prior to Covid and reaching out them to prepare schedules moving forward with those who are Level 2 students to begin in June.

Summer Camps (Youth & Adult):

To comply with current social distancing guidelines, we are shifting our camp schedule dates. Rather than our normal alternating schedule, we will begin on June 22nd with our Adult camps which will run consecutively through mid July. Some alterations to the agenda of these camps will also take place to better accommodate distancing and sanitation, if you are signed up for a camp, you will receive notice of these changes for the appropriate camp. All youth camps will not begin until July 13th and will run consecutively until the last one the week of August 3rd. The camps are of course pending regression of any progress with our state in the mandated “phases”. We will be sending out re-vised registration forms to those who had already signed up and paid deposits in the coming weeks. Remaining space will be first offered to current students who have not registered, and we will post any availability once we work through that list. If you or your child have already signed up but cannot make it to the new date of your camp, please contact us and we will transfer your deposit into a lesson package. You can find the re-vised camp schedule by following the link below:

4-H Youth Program:

As most know, due to Covid restrictions, our 2020 Road to the Horse 4-H trip has been cancelled permanently for the year by the producers and the state of KY. We are awaiting refunds for tickets and will discuss a 2021 trip once they reschedule. We intend to resume our regular 4-H meetings in September to accommodate our busy summer schedule. We will keep everyone posted on this as the year progresses.

This has been quite the task to shift, revise, re-plan and wrap our brains around a way to get back to “normal” within our business while keeping ourselves and our barn family safe. We hope these changes won’t cause too much of an inconvenience for everyone but it’s the best we can do. Our calendar is still a jumbled mess as we continue to balance breeding/foaling season, shows being re-scheduled, and training horses that we have taken on during the down time. We so appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation as we work through this ever changing time, we will do our best to keep you up to date and hope this is a big step in the right direction!

Twisted L Youth & Adult Summer Horsemanship Camp Series

We are proud to offer another year of 5 day Horsemanship Camps for the 2020 summer season!  We have 4 levels of youth day camps specifically tailored to age and skill levels as well as 4 evening Adult camps based on different topics and needs.  Youth camps run Monday-Friday from 9am-2pm and Adult Camps run Monday-Friday (unless specified) from 6pm-9pm.   Enrollment in these camps is now open, you can learn more by checking out our Horsemanship Camp page.